• Colorshift Hot Perch

    NEW Mini Flap!!

  • NEW 6.5" Levi Twist
Welcome to Lee Lures Custom Baits. They are designed and built by renowned muskie guide Lee Tauchen and are some of the finest built today.

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There is certainly no shortage of muskie baits on the market. So many choices - where to start? The old saying "you get what you pay for" usually holds true, no different for muskie lures. When you purchase a Lee Lures Custom Bait, you are making an investment into your arsenal of fish catching options. The lures available here are all made by someone that counts on them on a daily basis to put fish in the boat. They are made with pride and craftsmanship and are built to last much longer than anything else available. They are made so well in fact, they come with my personal guarantee for the lifetime of the bait. Not only that, they have the reputation to back it up.