Death Pause Minnow 10"

  • Hand carved cedar wood construction
  • Body length 10"
  • Weight 7 oz.
  • Neutrally buoyant suspending jerkbait/crankbait action
  • Tank tested for proper buoyancy and action
  • Features laser cut aluminum lip for extreme durability
  • Equally effective as a trolling lure for musky/pike which works slow and up to speeds over 6 mph
  • 1'-5' casting depth, 10' trolling
  • Three 5/0 Eagle Claw 774 Treble Hooks
  • Lifetime warranty does not apply to this lure


With the success of the other sizes of Death Pause Minnow we just had to make a big one, introducing the 10" DPM! Finally a truly custom SUSPENDENDING cedar wood jerkbait/crankbait.

The Death Pause does just that! Get the bait down in the zone and stop it for as long as you can stand it. The Death Pause minnow hangs in their face until they bite!

Designed as a suspending jerkbait it easily doubles as a trolling lure. This hand made cedar wood constructed, tank weighted/tested, 10" and 7 oz crank features a laser cut aluminum lip for extreme durability when striking cover or ripping weeds.

This musky sized version of the original Death Pause will be sure to fill a void of a true suspending crank that has been missing for so long. 



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