#10 Boilermaker

  • Hand made epoxy coated cedar wood body
  • Length 11.5"
  • Weight 3.4 oz. 
  • Flashabou skirt
  • Single #10 premium plated blade for big thump
  • Neutrally buoyant to slow sink at rest
  • Built with the finest components
  • .063 wire shaft
  • Signature Lee Lures "Drop-Wire" hook hangers
  • Eagle Claw 774 5/0 trebles
  • Wolverine Triple Rings


Introducing the Boilermaker: half bucktail and half topwater. Finally a bucktail you can fish at any speed and in any season! Hand made cedar wood body and single blade design allow you to fish slower than ANY other bucktail. Take your night fishing to a new level by fishing shallow weeds and rock with ease. Wood body and flashabou skirt help it run slightly tail up to keep out of snags. Basically neutrally buoyant at rest allowing you to fish a bucktail like never before. If you want to throw something different and fish in a way nobody has ever fished blades before, the Boilermaker is that bait. It's a big fish proven bait with the three biggest fish of 2017 in Lee Tauchen's boat including fish up to 56".

See it in action

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