5" Pelagic Glide

  • Hand made cedar wood body
  • Reflective fins
  • 3 coats of rock hard epoxy
  • Length 5" body
  • Erratic side to side action with nice body roll
  • Weight 2.1 oz.
  • 2/0 Eagle Claw 774
  • Wolverine Triple Split Rings


A new down-sized version of the Original Pelagic Glide. It features a hand made cedar wood body, high contrast paint jobs, epoxy coat, and weighted to perfection. 

All Pelagic Glides have a 

unique unpredictable side to side action and great body roll which will trigger the most pressured fish. The 5" Glide is the perfect bite sized go to bait when fish are not willing to chase moving baits.


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