Death Pause Minnow 5.5"

  • Hand carved wood construction
  • Body length 5.5"
  • Weight 1 oz.
  • Suspending jerkbait that can be casted on baitcast or spinning gear
  • Tank tested for proper buoyancy and action
  • Features "circuit board" composite lip to greatly reduce breakage
  • Equally effective as a trolling lure for walleyes, pike, and musky which works slow and up to speeds over 5 mph
  • Weighted to basically suspend with the size 2 Mustad Triple Grip hooks, and slow rise with size 4 for walleye/bass
  • The first cedar wood, hand weighted, muti-species jerkbait available from Lee Lures
  • Lure comes with size 2 Mustad Triple Grip trebles. Please specify if you want size 4 walleye/bass hooks instead in comments section at time of order.
  • Lifetime warranty does not apply to this lure


It simply had to happen, introducing the first multi-species offering from Lee Lures... the "Death Pause Minnow". Bass, Walleye, Pike, and Musky BEWARE!!

The Death Pause does just that! Get the bait down in the zone and stop it for as long as you can stand it. The Death Pause minnow hangs in their face until they bite!

Designed as a suspending jerkbait it easily doubles as a walleye trolling lure. This hand made cedar wood constructed, tank weighted/tested, 5.5" 1 oz features 

"circuit board" lip which greatly reduces breakage when striking cover and getting eaten by big fish.

Finally a downsized musky lure that can truly handle a big fish! Another advantage is that it can be casted on both baitcast and spinning gear. For you musky guys looking to down size your offerings this bait is made to be thrown on heavy bass gear!! Do not throw on your musky rod with 80lb braid. Be sure to use a down sized leader as well. We most often use a 20-30lb Terminator Titanium wire. The lure will hold up to big fish but the hooks will not. 

The recommended set up for toothy fish chasing is a 7'-7'6" Heavy baitcast with 50lb braid paired with a Shimano Tranx 200 or 300. Or a spinning rod setup with 20-30lb braid making sure you have some sort of leader in front of your lure. 



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