6.5" Leviathan Twist

  • 6.5" wood body, 10" with rubber tail
  • Hand made, internally weighted/balanced wood body 
  • Automotive Clear Coat
  • Reflective lifelike fins
  • Comes with interchangeable weight kit for desired buoyancy (one 1.5 oz. and one 1oz.)
  • Easy to work "Dive and Rise" action that also kicks out side to side 
  • Has ability to run deep with custom weighting
  • 4/0 Eagle Claw 774 treble hooks with heat shrink to reduce wear and better hooking
  • Chaos Tackle replaceable rubber tail
  • Wolverine Triple Rings
  • Works with any leader type


Gonna need a smaller one for those tough muskys? Here's the new 6.5" (body) Leviathan Twist "Dive and Rise" jerkbait! How do you make one of the most versatile dnr lures better? Add a TWIST to it...or a twister tail. This lure is extremely easy to work. With its integrated screw in weighting system you can finely tune your desired action and buoyancy. Each bait comes with one 1.5 oz, and one 1 oz weight. This lure is guaranteed to put fish in the boat throughout the season. 

Wood body is 6.5" in length and 10" with replaceable rubber tail. 


See it in action


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