Pelagic Swim 8"

  • Hand carved wood construction hybrid with soft plastic paddle tail
  • Body length 8"
  • Weight 4 oz.
  • Extremely versatile lure working as a swimbait, a glider, or a pull bait
  • Lure runs with erratic "hunting" action only wood can provide
  • Replaceable Lunker City brand 6" Shaker paddle tail
  • Eagle Claw 774 3/0 trebles
  • Wolverine Triple Ring splits
  • Epoxy coat finish with proven fish catching colors


It's no secret the effectiveness of paddle tail swimbaits in the musky and pike world nowadays. Finally a version that is truly versatile enough to be called a swimbait, glide bait, and pull bait all in one.

Introducing the 8" Pelagic Swim...half hand carved cedar wood and half soft plastic paddle tail designed off of the Lee Lures original Pelagic crankbait body. Now you can alter the kind of bait you are using within the same cast! Swim it the first part of the retrieve to draw in a big fish then give 'em the one two with either a glide bait action or pull bait retrieve. 

It swims with a killer body roll along with a lifelike "hunting" action that only wood can give a bait. With a glide bait or pull bait retrieve it will dance side to side with insane body roll exposing its underside for a vulnerable action that drives big fish crazy.

Now a swimbait that can easily be used in the upper part of the water column running over shallow cover to a slightly deeper retrieve in the 4'-6' range. 

This is the tool the musky fisherman have been waiting for...



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