#8 Mini Boilermaker

  • Hand turned cedar wood body
  • Total Length 9"
  • Weight 1.3 oz. 
  • Flashabou skirt
  • Single #8 premium plated blade for killer thump
  • Slow sink rate at rest
  • Built with the finest components
  • .051 wire shaft
  • Eagle Claw 774 5/0 treble


If you had only ONE lure in your box this is the one...the Mini Boilermaker. Simply the most versatile musky bucktail ever made. At 6.5" from blade to end of body weighing 1.3 oz it will do what other spinners wish they could do. 

The Boilermaker utilizes classic #8 Colorado blade/flashabou skirt design and incorporates a hand turned cedar wood body which allows it to sink much slower. Now you can a bucktail much easier over shallow weeds, rocks, or other cover. No more sinking into the cover or snagging up. 
Guaranteed to be one of the top producers in your box!!


See it in action

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