Heart Attack

  • Hand carved wood construction
  • Body length 6"
  • Weight 2.8 oz.
  • Snake like jitterbug combined with flaptail for a new found action
  • Ball bearing swivel mounted rear flap blade clanks off of aluminum post
  • .092" stainless screw eyes
  • Eagle Claw 4/0 774 front hook and 2/0 rear
  • Wolverine Triple Split Rings
  • Auto clear coat finish in fish catching colors


This one goes back to my first day back in the shop after my 1/7/22 heart attack where I had an idea of combining a jitterbug style lure with a flaptail and the Hear Attack was born. My first bite on it was a healthy 47" class fish. 

This lure can be fished at a medium to slow speed and will work well in good chop. We have proven the action of a flaptail with amazing results, now we can fish one even faster with a twist! 


See it in action

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