Pelagic 10"

  • Hand carved wood construction
  • Body length 10"
  • Weight 8.25 oz.
  • Lure can be trolled as slow as 1.5 mph and will start to "wander" at around 3 mph on up
  • Lure runs with erratic, "hunting" action and wanders up to 2' in either direction
  • Durable aluminum lip with adjustable stainless line tie for different actions and dive curves
  • "T'd" 7/0 front and center hooks prevent wearing of thick epoxy finish
  • Unique fish catching paint jobs utilize holographic, chrome, and painted scale detail never before seen in a muskie bait


It would be an understatement to say that Lee Lures Custom Baits took the muskie world by storm when debuting its first crankbait. The Pelagic has become one of the most sought after, and finest made crankbaits available. Hand made and carved from Western Red Cedar, with laser cut aluminum lips, and wrapped in finishes never before seen in muskie baits the Pelagic has found it's way into the mouths of many giant fish already.

The name Pelagic refers to the lures ability to "roam" open water. It's side to side "wander" acts as if it's deflecting off of structure without actually making contact making it absolutely deadly on triggering giant fish. But certainly feel free to bounce off of structure as well. The action of this and any trolling bait for that manner can vary greatly by rod action, braid or mono, and whether you use it on a down rod or planer board. My personal preference for trolling this bait is the Custom X 8' Heavy Trolling rod. Also, make sure to take care of your Pelagic investments by keeping them stored in relatively cool spots out of the sun. You may also wish to keep them with hooks rubber banded together or even removed to prevent additional wear.

The following dive charts were done at 3.5 mph on 80 pound Sufix.

Shallow Setting Chart - when the pin is in the first hole from the front of the lip.

Feet Back Feet Down
10 5
20 8
30 11
40 14
60 17
80 19
100 22

Deep Setting Chart - when the pin is in the hole closest to body.

Feet Back Feet Down
10 6
20 9
30 12
40 15
50 18
60 20
70 22
80 24
100 27

See it in action

Fish caught on this bait

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