Fish Stick

  • Hand carved wood construction
  • Body length 7.5"
  • Weight 2.7 oz.
  • Lowered front line tie for improved action
  • Stainless steel 1.5" screw eyes with finishing washers
  • 2" stainless rear screw eye will not pull out
  • Three Eagle Claw 774 3/0 treble hooks
  • Wolverine Triple Split Rings
  • Light epoxy coat finish in fish catching colors


The "Fish Stick" is the go to choice for early and late season, cold fronts, heavy weeds, and throw back bait. Remember to work bait at a medium speed keeping the "footprint" or path of the bait narrow for better hooking. Recommended rod length for proper action is a 7' to 7' 6" stick. Another tip for best action is to use a single strand 174 pound or heavy fluorocarbon without a swivel on the other end. The swivel adds unneeded weight and drag to the front of the lure. Also, don’t be afraid to use this lure in one to two foot waves!

See it in action

Fish caught on this bait

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