14" Leviathan

  • Cedar wood body with hand carved custom detail
  • 4 layer epoxy coated
  • Length 14"
  • Comes with interchangeable weight kit for desired buoyancy (two 3oz. two 2.5 oz. and two 2oz.)
  • Not only "Dive and Rise" action but hunts and kicks out side to side with ease with almost a crankbait action on long sweeps
  • Has ability to run deep with custom weighting
  • 8/0 and 7/0 Chaos Tackle "Black Trident" treble hooks
  • Wolverine Triple Rings
  • Recommended straight wire leader


Introducing the new age "Dive and Rise" jerkbait from Lee Lures Custom Baits called the LEVIATHAN. You knew it was coming with all craze... only to make it better, stronger, and sexier. Most importantly is how it runs with not only the traditional dive and rise action but with a custom hunting action kicking out side to side with ease it almost looks alive in the water. Not to mention SICK body roll only found in custom crafted cedar wood baits. On a long sweep it almost has a crankbait action. With it's integrated screw in weighting system you can finely tune your desired action and buoyancy. Each bait comes with two 3 oz, two 2.5 oz, and two 2 oz weights. First came the Pelagic Crankbait, now comes that high end performance in a dive and rise jerkbait that the fish will know it's something different.

See it in action

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