Hot Wings

  • Hand carved wood construction
  • Body length 4.75"
  • Weight 2.25 oz.
  • High polish stainless steel wings and brackets
  • .063" through wire construction
  • Stainless hex bolts hold wings
  • Eagle Claw 774 5/0 front hook and 4/0 rear
  • Wolverine Triple Split Rings
  • Light epoxy coat finish in fish catching colors


Single bodied creepers like the "Hot Wings" tend to run best in chop less than one foot and keeping their speed slow. Ideal conditions are most likely to be low light or after dark, when fish don’t seem to be chasing faster moving baits such as Water Choppers or subsurface baits like bucktails. The high floating wood body will keep the lure running true in chop conditions where other creepers would often fail.

See it in action

Fish caught on this bait

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