• Hand carved wood construction
  • Body length 7"
  • 3.1 oz.
  • .035" thick stainless blade makes metallic sound
  • .063" through wire construction
  • "Drop Wire" hook hanger acts as a keel
  • 5/0 Eagle Claw 774 hooks
  • Wolverine Triple Split Rings
  • Automotive clear coat finish in fish catching colors


Old school lure style built to last. The Cyclone takes the original "Globe" style of surface baits and incorporates a heavy stainless steel blade that creates a heavy metal sound that the fish can't resist. This style of bait is perhaps the most versatile when it come to what chop conditions and speeds you can run the bait. Usually the calmer it is the slower you want to crawl it. And vise versa, when the wind kicks up you can crank the speed as fast as you want and cover water. Big fish will certainly know this bait's a comin'.


See it in action

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