• Pinwheel style laser cut, powder coated, stainless blade always spins at any speed
  • Oblong cut center hole in blade causes unique clicking vibration
  • Solid brass bead behind blade to reduce wear
  • 450 strand Flashabou skirt zip-tied to 3/8 oz brass worm lock weight for extreme durability
  • Keeled front line tie eliminates line twist
  • Chaos Tackle Killer Tail on treble hook
  • Total length without tail 8"
  • Weight 2.2 oz
  • .062 wire shaft
  • Eagle Claw 774 5/0 treble


Very excited to bring you new from Lee Lures is the "Ninja" bucktail! Based on a pinwheel style blade this laser cut, powder coated, and stainless steel blade always spins at any speed! This unique blade shape creates an incredible vortex which causes the skirt to move like an octopus in all directions.

The Ninja is designed to run at different depths including bulged on the surface over weeds and rocks to slow rolling six feet or more down with ease. You can also add a split ring above the egg sinker and add a 1/4-1/2 oz weight for added depth and casting distance. An extra hook can be added as well with two spit rings above the skirt collar for head striking fish. 

The blade features an oblong cut center hold which causes the blade to rotate out of around with a loud clicking sound and vibration that muskies have never heard. It also features a keeled line tie which eliminates line twist common with bucktails. 

The Ninja promises to be one of the HOTTEST lures of the 2023 season without a doubt!!



See it in action

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